The Little Mermaid bedding

Decorating the bedroom of a girl can prove to be a challenging task at times. Most girls like cute, pretty, fluffy or shiny stuff. But what to choose and where to look for? Fortunately, Disney princesses are a timeless classic, and decorating your daughter’s in a theme after one of the Disney princesses is something your own little princess will love and adore. One of the most popular princesses is Ariel, the main character of The Little Mermaid by Disney, a story based on the books by Hans Christian Andersen’s, “The Little Mermaid”. The first Little Mermaid movie by Disney was made in 1989, and many tv shows followed this classic movie. The film as well as the tv series depicts the story of a mermaid, Ariel, one of the seven daughters of King Triton. Adventurous and curious, Ariel shares her adventures with her best friends, Flounder the fish and Sebastian the crab. Ariel the Little Mermaid Twin Sheets SetThe fans of Ariel the Little Mermaid will adore a Little Mermaid Sheet Set by Disney. The Little Mermaid bedding is simply the perfect bedding decoration to add to your daughter’s bedroom! Girls will love this aquatic companion as they’ll be fascinated with the bright colors that appear on Ariel’s bedding. They will also be amazed by this gorgeous princess with long, flowing red hair, blue eyes, a green tail and a purple seashell bikini top. The Little Mermaid bedding, one of girls’ favorite Disney princess.

Little Mermaid Forever Friends Standard Pillow Sham The Little Mermaid bedding is not complete without the Little Mermaid Forever Friends Standard Pillow Sham. This pillow showcases Princess Ariel in a sublimated bright purple. You daughter will drift back into the bottomless purple on this amazing bedding decoration. This standard size pillow sham is luxurious and shimmery. We bet your little one will instantly feel like a Princess of the Seven Seas.


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Date: Thursday, 1. April 2010 19:28
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