Disney Cars 2 Bedroom Theme

With the success of Disney’s first Cars movie, it is no surprise that kids, especially boys, simply adore Cars 2. Lightning McQueen is a quick guy, but you can now capture him and his friends with this great Disney Cars 2 bedding and home decoration collection. Whether they need a place to sleep, some comfy and cuddly, a table to sit at or simply some wall decorations, you will find them what they need.

Your little one can now sleep soundly and dream about winning the Piston Cup every night in their newly decorated Cars 2 themed bedroom.

Here are some great decorating ideas that will thrill the entire family.

McQueen Roadster Toddler BedLittle Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed
This awesome Cars 2 bed was specially made for car lovers. Which little boy has not dreamt of sleeping in their favorite Car, Lightning McQueen, the star racecar. This car shaped bed is the perfect addition to his Disney theme bedroom.



Disney Cars 2 bedding set


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Bedding
Your youngster already has a bed? No worries. A great soft comforter will do the trick and with bright colors will bring a lot of fun in the run.




Pixar Cars 2 Play rug


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Play Rug
If you are more the practical type, why not buy a several purpose item. This Cars 2 rug will serve as a decoration and a play rug. We bet that your kids will enjoy racing Lightning McQueen around the track for hours!


Disney Cars 2 wall decals


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Looking for something different? Surprise your kid with the Cars 2 wall decals, the stunning visual effects will definitely bring some excitement in the room.



Chair McQueenCars 2 Chair – Lightning McQueen
Thinking of getting a nephew something cool? This McQueen chair will definitely grab his attention! We bet he won’t be looking at any other toys after that!

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