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Blankets For Girls

Friday, 17. February 2012 15:43

Unfortunately, winter is not over yet, neither is blanket season. But anyway, isn’t a nice blanket always practical on the long run?  So, let’s get warm 😉 Here are some great blanket ideas for girls.


Super Pink Blanket

Disney Princess True Royalty Microraschel Blanket


Disney Princess True Royalty Microraschel Blanket

This soft and warm microraschel blanket features three of the best Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Belle and Tiana.So soft and cozy that she will want to curl up with this on a cold night of winter.



Striped patterns

Dots Stripes Girls Teen Full Comforter Set Bed In A Bag Set

Easy to set up, this great bed in a bag set includes a 76″ x 86″ comforter, a deep fitted sheet that fits a 54″ x 75″ and14 inches deep mattress, a 81″ x 96″ flat sheet, two standard pillowcases ( 20″ x 30″ ), two pillow shams ( 20″ x 26″ ) and a bedskirt with a 13-inch drop from top of box spring to floor. Bright colors and well priced.


Polka dots


Opus Twin Bed in a Bag

Is she tired of princesses and butterfly? With this teenagish modern look, we bet she will feel like a big girl. Includes one twin comforter and 2 standard shams. Great design, great colors, great quality.




Peace Sign Fuchsia Pink Comforter Bedding Set Twin

This bedding set is… bright and so girly! A little bit pricey, but overall made with quality material. This will be a hit among her friends!



Black and white:

Black White Flower Girls Bed in a Bag Set
Easy to mix and match, black and white not only look great, but these colors never go out of fashion. Check out this Black White Flower Girls Bed in a Bag Set. Beautiful design and great price. In addition, this bedding set includes a coordinating printed sheet set and sham Comforter 100% polyester Sheets: 200-thread count (60% cotton, 40% polyester) Machine wash Twin size: comforter: 64″ x 86″, sham: 20″ x 26″, fitted sheet: 39″ x 75″, flat sheet: 66″ x 96″ and pillowcase: 20″ x 30″

Superstars blanket:


Justin Bieber Shadow Super Soft Royal Plush Twin Size Blanket.
This throw Blanket is a great gift idea for the Justin Bieber fan… or even to get it for yourself! Soft and big, to help you enjoy winter a little bit longer!

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Butterfly Comforters for Girls

Wednesday, 1. February 2012 9:08

Looking for a girly themed bedroom? There are plenty of ideas to choose from, but if there is one thing you can be sure girls love are butterflies. In the animal kingdom, the butterfly is this sweet, colorful and harmonious thing. Loved for their beautiful patterns, their bright multicolored wings and their sophisticated look, butterflies will make a sensational bedroom theme. To help you out decorate her room, we’ve put together some of the best comforters or bedding sets available on

Pink Butterflies
bambi pink butterflies

Why pick one when you can have two? This reversible comforter, part of the Disney Bambi collection, has stunning embroidered detail. Vivid but soft colors, match them with these awesome butterfly wall decals et voila!

Its a springtime meadow of flowers and butterflies where sweet dreams are always in bloom.

Purple Prints

butterflies purple comforter set

The soft pastel colors of this bedding set are a real enchantment, we bet you will feel like springtime all year-round. Plus at this price, this butterfly print comforter will sure not break the bank (or at least yours!). Includes: One Twin Comforter (66 in. W x 86 in. L), One Standard Sham (20 in. W x 26 in. L), One Twin Flat Sheet (66 in. W x 96 in. L), One Twin Fitted Sheet (39 in. W x 76 in. L x 10 in. pocket) and One Standard Pillowcase (20 in. W x 30 in. L).

Hearts, flowers and butterflies

patchwork butterfly comforter set

Great patchwork and colors that combines hearts, floral elements and butterflies, everything she needs to create a magnificent butterfly kingdom. This bedding set is everything but boring, at a price that won’t break any parents budget! It includes  comforter, one standard sham, flat sheet, fitted sheet and one standard pillowcase.


Green Blue Butterfly

green blue butterfly bedding set 10 pcs


Because butterflies don’t have to be pink! Feel like summer every day of the year, even on the darkest night of autumn, with these colorful and joyful colors that will brighten up the room. This set includes everything you need, no need to look for the matching pieces anymore. The 10 pieces, made with fabric, 50% cotton and 50% polyester, that is machine washable include: 1 comforter double-sided, 2 shams, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, 1 bedskirt and 2 decorative cushions. For a full or queen size fit.

Black and Pink

Black Pink Butterfly comforter 10pcs

This is an amazing combination. The black, rather than used as a base color is used to temper the sweetness of sugary colors such as hot pink. You are left with a perfect result: a romantic spirit with a twist of modern touch!





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Disney Cars 2 Bedroom Theme

Tuesday, 24. January 2012 11:09

With the success of Disney’s first Cars movie, it is no surprise that kids, especially boys, simply adore Cars 2. Lightning McQueen is a quick guy, but you can now capture him and his friends with this great Disney Cars 2 bedding and home decoration collection. Whether they need a place to sleep, some comfy and cuddly, a table to sit at or simply some wall decorations, you will find them what they need.

Your little one can now sleep soundly and dream about winning the Piston Cup every night in their newly decorated Cars 2 themed bedroom.

Here are some great decorating ideas that will thrill the entire family.

McQueen Roadster Toddler BedLittle Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed
This awesome Cars 2 bed was specially made for car lovers. Which little boy has not dreamt of sleeping in their favorite Car, Lightning McQueen, the star racecar. This car shaped bed is the perfect addition to his Disney theme bedroom.



Disney Cars 2 bedding set


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Bedding
Your youngster already has a bed? No worries. A great soft comforter will do the trick and with bright colors will bring a lot of fun in the run.




Pixar Cars 2 Play rug


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Play Rug
If you are more the practical type, why not buy a several purpose item. This Cars 2 rug will serve as a decoration and a play rug. We bet that your kids will enjoy racing Lightning McQueen around the track for hours!


Disney Cars 2 wall decals


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Looking for something different? Surprise your kid with the Cars 2 wall decals, the stunning visual effects will definitely bring some excitement in the room.



Chair McQueenCars 2 Chair – Lightning McQueen
Thinking of getting a nephew something cool? This McQueen chair will definitely grab his attention! We bet he won’t be looking at any other toys after that!

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Kids bedding set: Superbowl 2012

Monday, 23. January 2012 14:03

The Superbowl is one of the – if not the most – anticipated sporting event in the US. Each year, it is estimated that this football event attracts over 100 millions followers and viewers in the US alone. With so many people frantically waiting for the grand finale game, it is hard not to catch the Super Bowl fever!

And this year, it is a “déjà vu” for the New York Giants who prevailed in overtime to play the Patriots, who are booking another Super Bowl, the fifth under coach Bill Belichick!

Most Super Bowl lovers are not shy about showing their colors, to wear t-shirts showing off the colors and logos of their favorite teams, paint their face or cover themselves with the flag of their team. But you don’t have to limit your your passion to football only to Superbowl day, why not show your love all year-round?

Is your little one also a football lover? Then he will go crazy over these awesome dream team bedding sets, to the effigy of their favorite Super Bowl 2012 teams! Order them now!

Patriots bedding


New England PATRIOTS Twin Bedding Set
Three times winners of the Super Bowl in the last decade, the New England have probably been waiting since their loss to the Giants in 2008. We bet this will be an awesome rematch!



Giants New York Football beddingNew York Football Giants Twin Comforter Bedding
Defeating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime to claim the NFC championship in San Francisco, the Giants secures themselves a spot in the championships. Winners of the 2008 Super Bowl, the Giants will certainly try to reproduce their spectacular win over the New England Patriots, a win co-owner John Mara described as “the greatest victory in the history of this franchise, without question”.




Please visit our site for information about kids bedding.

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How to create a Star Wars bedroom

Friday, 2. April 2010 1:09

If you have boys at home, chances are that Star Wars is a recurrent topic at home. This very popular science fiction movie has thousands of merchandise, including DVDs, video games, Halloween costumes, glowing light sabers,  Lego, robots for kids and Star Wars bedding.  Star Wars was has had a huge impact on our culture, and it is with no surprise boys are so fascinated with the movies and the toys.

Star Wars is a great theme to decorate a bedroom. To create a Star Wars bedroom, you have many options in terms of products. If you are looking to create a Star Wars bedroom, here are some tips for you.

Star Wars Darth Vader Luke Skywalker lightsaber duelRemember that in the movies, the space is black, sprinkled with white stars. The spaceships have an off-white and metal grey color. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the stormtroopers wear white, while Darth Vader is dressed in black. In Star Wars, everything is stark, with very little colors, except for when the lightsabers are firing and clashing, when the spaceships are exploding. When you think Star Wars, you think contrast, some bright glowing colors on a dark background, something mysterious and adventurous.

Decorations for the walls
Star Wars Trilogy Entertainment Poster Print, 24x36There are tons of decoration for the wall, from movie posters to Peel & Stick appliques. If you are purchasing a poster, frame it to protect it from the humidity and air. There are a lot of spectacular Star Wars posters, with amazing colors and art. Choose your poster carefully as they represent a reminder of the greatness delivered by the movie. Peel & Stick appliques are another great option to decorate the walls of a Star Wars bedroom. The great advantage is that they can be repositioned, reusable and can be removed in seconds.

Decorations for the bed
Star Wars Saga ComfortersA great way to decorate a Star Wars bedroom is to add a kids comforter set themed with this popular movie. There are many designs of comforter sets/bedding available. From the original Star Wars comforters to the newer Star Wars Clone Wars comforters, you will find a wide range of comforter and bedding to your kids taste. A good looking comforter will not only stand out on its out, but chances are that there will be no more fuss about bedtime since your little one will love to climb in bed and be tucked in under his favorite characters every night.

Toys and Robots
Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter with mini figuresAdd replicas of the starships, find some action figures to decorate the bedroom. Remember that a child can be tough on their toys, therefore you may not want to buy a collectible but rather go with something less pricey and more sturdy, allowing the rougher hands of a child to handle it. Lego have some of the best Star Wars bedroom toys. And you can never go wrong with a the X-Wings such as the “Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter with Luke Skywalker , Wedge Antiles , R2-D2 , Princess Leia , Han Solo and Chewbacca Mini Figures“. This Lego set is another excellent rendition of one of the Star Wars universe’s best ships. But Lego features most of your kids favorite Star Wars ships and characters. Plush toys and collectible action figures for older children are also excellent decoration ideas for a Star Wars bedroom.

Keep it simple
Remember that is some cases, too much is just as bad as not enough. Try to not overload the bedroom with toys and posters. Too much decoration can make a bedroom look messy, and by keeping it simple, you’ll have a much cleaner looking bedroom. “May the force be with you”

For more information, visit Kids Comforter Set.

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The Little Mermaid bedding

Thursday, 1. April 2010 19:28

Decorating the bedroom of a girl can prove to be a challenging task at times. Most girls like cute, pretty, fluffy or shiny stuff. But what to choose and where to look for? Fortunately, Disney princesses are a timeless classic, and decorating your daughter’s in a theme after one of the Disney princesses is something your own little princess will love and adore. One of the most popular princesses is Ariel, the main character of The Little Mermaid by Disney, a story based on the books by Hans Christian Andersen’s, “The Little Mermaid”. The first Little Mermaid movie by Disney was made in 1989, and many tv shows followed this classic movie. The film as well as the tv series depicts the story of a mermaid, Ariel, one of the seven daughters of King Triton. Adventurous and curious, Ariel shares her adventures with her best friends, Flounder the fish and Sebastian the crab. Ariel the Little Mermaid Twin Sheets SetThe fans of Ariel the Little Mermaid will adore a Little Mermaid Sheet Set by Disney. The Little Mermaid bedding is simply the perfect bedding decoration to add to your daughter’s bedroom! Girls will love this aquatic companion as they’ll be fascinated with the bright colors that appear on Ariel’s bedding. They will also be amazed by this gorgeous princess with long, flowing red hair, blue eyes, a green tail and a purple seashell bikini top. The Little Mermaid bedding, one of girls’ favorite Disney princess.

Little Mermaid Forever Friends Standard Pillow Sham The Little Mermaid bedding is not complete without the Little Mermaid Forever Friends Standard Pillow Sham. This pillow showcases Princess Ariel in a sublimated bright purple. You daughter will drift back into the bottomless purple on this amazing bedding decoration. This standard size pillow sham is luxurious and shimmery. We bet your little one will instantly feel like a Princess of the Seven Seas.


For more information about kids comforter sets and other Disney bedding sets, visits

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Winnie the Pooh bedding

Thursday, 1. April 2010 17:40

During World War I, a bear cub was raised by Harry Colebourn, a Canadian Lieutenant who named it after his hometown, Winnipeg, or “Winnie” for short. The cute cub became the favorite animal of little Christopher Robin who name his own teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh. Christopher and his teddy bear were the inspiration to the series of books written by AA Milne.

Several decades later, the Pooh-books also became the favorites of Walt Disney’s daughters, which inspired him to bring the cute bear on the big screen in 1966. Now nearly over 90 years after “Winnipeg” was born and 4 decades after Disney adapted the Pooh-Books to the little and big screen, Winnie the Pooh is still the favorite book or tv character of many children.

If you children like Winnie the Pooh, why not surprise them with a Winnie the Pooh bedding? A Winnie the Pooh bedding is the perfect decoration of any children’s bedroom. Plus, there are so many comforters, blankets, sheets and decorations to choose from!

Disney Winnie The Pooh Come Out and Play 4-Piece Toddler SetDisney Winnie The Pooh Come Out and Play 4-Piece Toddler Set

For example, this 4 pieces set for toddler will melt even the coldest heart! The Winnie the Pooh bedding included a quilt-like blanket, 1 pillowcase, 1 fitted sheet and 1 top sheet.

This comforter set can be nicely complemented with fun Winnie the Pooh toys and even a Winnie the Pooh toddler bed!

For more information, visit Kids Comforter Set.

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Curious George Bedding

Wednesday, 31. March 2010 15:51

If you are the parent of a young kid, chances are that you know who Curious George is. This fun monkey has won the heard of many children throughout the world. Curious George is the hero of a series of book with the same name, written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey.

The adventures of this Curious monkey have been translated and adapted to TV in many languages. Denmark, Norway, Japan and Israel are only a few of the few countries where you can find an adapted version of Curious George. In 2006, Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment brought Curious George, the original ‘monkey see, monkey do’ chimp, to the screen in an animated movie.

Kids just love Curious George. If you are looking for Curious George bedding, you will find lots of great products online and in-store.

However, a Curious George bedding set is not always cheap. If you want to stick to your idea and find a different alternative to decorate your children’s room, instead of a full Curious George bedding, you can keep the same theme and complete the décor with some posters and other collectible toys.

Curious George toy
Russ Berrie Curious George with Red Shirt 16
is a great addition to a Curious George bedding set. Considered one of the most adorable monkey, this Curious George will simply meet and even exceed your expectations. This perfect toy has cute expressions, is soft and plush. Plus it is just the right size for any toddler to carry around. Russ Berrie toys are among the most popular plush toys in the world.

For more information about kids comforters and bedding, visit Kids Comforter Set.

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Star Wars Bedding

Wednesday, 24. March 2010 0:56

The Star Wars movie and characters have been the favorite of young and old for over 3 decades. And with the addition of movies and remakes in the recent years, its popularity has not faded in the slightest. Everywhere, children are asking parties themed after the popular movies, Halloween costumes of Darth Vader, Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker. But if you little one dresses Star Wars, parties Star Wars why not let them dream in a Star Wars bedding as well? And no matter which movie or character is their favorite, chances are that you will find what you are looking for.

Knowing your movies and characters
So what should you buy looking for when purchasing a Star Wars kids comforter set for your little one? First, you need to know that there are several movies and different characters, and everyone have their favorite. Your child may have a preference for Chewbacca from the original trilogy, or Anakin Skywalker from Episode 1. Talk to your child and figure out which one he or she prefers. This will help you get a good idea of what Star Wars bedding set to get them.

Here are some of the bestselling Star Wars bedding.

Star Wars comforterStar Wars Twin Comforter

abcThis year, send your child off to dream of adventures from a long time ago in a galaxy far away with this fun and colorful Star Wars comforter exclusively by Star Wars. This themed kids comforter comforter is the favorite of many. Its large scale illustration depicts the very famous final light saber battle between Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and the comforter is framed on both side by asolid dark blue with Jedi lettering. We bet that your little star wars fan will think it is just so cool. Made from 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester with a 132-thread-count and 100 percent polyester fiber fill, this comforter is machine washable for easy care.


Star Wars Clone Wars ComfortersStar Wars Clone comforter

If your boy likes the animation series, get him the clone wars comforter which is part of the Clone Wars Bedding Collection (therefore the sheets set is available as well). He will simply love it. This kids comforter set makes a truly good looking ensemble. The comforter is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester with a 132 thread count. Machine washable, you and your kid will love this blue multicolor printed comforter.


Accessorizing the bedroom
A Star Wars themed bedroom is not complete without a few additional accessories for your kid’s bedroom décor. Think about adding some wall stickers, posters, stuffed toys or or throw pillows to accessorize the bedding set. Collectibles and other toys are also great additions to the Star Wars Bedding. Happy shopping and may the force be with you.

Obi-Wan Glow in the Dark wall stickersStar Wars Obi-Wan Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers

The Force is strong within this giant wall decal of your kid’s favorite hero from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This giant peel and stick wall decal of Obi-Wan will bring a lot of excitement to your surroundings. Moreover, the light saber of this 5 feet tall Obi-Wan’s  even glows in the dark! It’s the perfect addition to any Star Wars themed bedroom.


Star Clone Wars Yoda PillowStar Wars Yoda Pillow

If you child likes Yoda, he or she will love this Yoda Pillow. This decorative pillow is fun and is part of the popular Star Wars Clone Wars Bedding Collection. Made of 100% polyester, the Yoda pillow will sure bring some excitement to any fan of Star Wars.

For more information, visit Kids Comforter Set.

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Western Horse Cowgirl Teen Bedding – 3 pc Full / Queen Set

Monday, 30. November 2009 0:00

Western Horse Cowgirl Teen Bedding - 3 pc Full / Queen Set

JoJo Designs Cowgirl Full/Queen Bedding Ensemble has everything you need for your little cowgirl. This striking children’s bedding set uses a collection of exclusive JoJo Designer Prints. The coordinating fabrics include 100% Cotton JoJo Pink, Brown and Blue Cowgirl Print fabric, Brown and Cream Cow Print, Pink Bandanna Print, Denim, and Chocolate Microsuede. Detailed with embroidered horseshoes and sheriff stars, this set will create a western theme room that your little cowgirl is sure to enjoy. This set comes in a zippered, handled carrying bag.


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Disney Princess Twin Bed Comforter

Monday, 16. November 2009 20:52

Disney Princess Twin ComforterDisney Princess Magic Garden Bedding Twin Comforter

A twin size comforter (66″ x 86″) that is machine washable and of a superior quality that will last her lots of great nights of sleep. This beautiful comforter features colorful images of the beloved Disney princesses. This Disney bedding is a great addition to any princess’ bedroom. This cute comforter is made of an super comfortable yet resistant cotton rich blend, that will last her years of quality comfort that the family can count on!

For more information on this delightful Disney Princess Magic Garden Bedding Twin Comforter, visit

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Wild West Cowboy Western Horse 4 pc Twin Kids Childrens Boy Bedding Set by JoJo Designs

Sunday, 15. November 2009 23:16

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse 4 pc Twin Kids Childrens Boy Bedding Set by JoJo Designs

JoJo Designs Wild West Cowboy 4 pc. Twin Bedding Ensemble has everything you need for your little cowboy. This striking children’s bedding set uses a collection of exclusive JoJo Designer Prints. The coordinating fabrics include 100% Cotton JoJo Cowboy Print fabric, Brown and Cream Cow Print, Red Bandanna Print, Plaid, Denim, and Chocolate Microsuede. Detailed with embroidered horseshoes and sheriff stars, this set will create a western theme room that your little cowboy is sure to enjoy.


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Winnie the Pooh Comforter Set

Wednesday, 28. October 2009 0:01

Winnie the Pooh Twin Size 3 Piece Comforter SetWinnie the Pooh Twin Size 3 Piece Comforter Set.
Fun, Bright and Cute, the best present ever!

This set is perfect for any big fan of Winnie the Pooh, regardless of their age. Whether you child is 7 or 17 years old, they will just love this fun Winnie the Pooh Comforter Set. In a kid’s bedroom like in a dorm room, this colorful comforter set will bring some joy in any room and bright up any sad days. Winnie the Pooh is the favorite of many, because of its cuteness but also for his “joie de vivre” and personality. During sad moments or when bored, this comforter set will bring comfort and happiness. For extra fun, why not coordinate the bedroom? You will find here, at a whole collection of Pooh accessories, such as fun pillows,  fleece blankets, Pooh lamps and much. For a little kid, we recommend the fun Winnie the Pooh rug and the fun lamps, he or she will be looking forward to go to bed every night! Comfortable and warm, this comforter set is lightweight, therefore perfect for any small child. The dimensions of the comforter itself is 63 inches X 86 inches or 160.2cm X 218.44cm. The comforter is constructed of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton and is extremely easy to wash. This is a purchase your will not regret and that will bring lots of joy.

Detailed Description of the Winnie the Pooh Comforter Set. It includes:
1 Twin Comforter 63″x86″ / 160.2cm X 218.44cm.
1 Twin Fitted Sheet 39″x75″ / 99.06cm X 190.5cm.
1 Standard Size Pillow Case 20″x30″ / 50.8cm X 76.2cm

If you are buying this Christmas, make sure to put your order early, and avoid late shipments due to high demand, those comforter sets sell like hot cakes during the Holidays!

If you need more information about that superb comforter set, find more information here…

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Winnie the Pooh Blanket

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:37

Winnie the Pooh Honey fleece blanket throw NEW

Winnie the Pooh Honey fleece blanket throw

Blanket blanket, tell me who’s the most cuddly. With this vibrant Winnie the Pooh blanket, adults like children will remain warm on the couch or sitting on the patio late summer nights. This Winnie the Pooh fleece blanket throw measures 50 by 60 inches.

This Winnie the Pooh is an excellent present idea, whether it is for a 5 years old boy or a 20 years old daughter. Anybody who grew up with Pooh will just love cuddling up with this blankie and watch television. Anybody will “awwwwed” on the sight of this Winnie the Pooh blanket. So wait no more and get get this Winnie the Pooh blanket, whether it is for yourself or as a holiday/birthday present.

Go to Amazon for more reviews and other information about this great snugly blanket.


Winnie The Pooh Eeyore Tigger Blanket Royal Plush Raschel Throw 60 x 80

Looking for a Christmas present idea for a child or a girl friend? Why not get him or her this beautiful Winnie the Pooh blanket. Featuring all your favorite characters from the show : Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet. This blanket is simply irrestible, you will love snuggling in it while watching a great movie on the couch. This blanket is light weight, and made of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester for easy wash. The blanket is offered in twin size and measures approximatively 60×80 inches (152cm x 203cm)

Find more information about this great Winnie The Pooh Eeyore Tigger Blanket Royal Plush Raschel Throw now!


Winnie the Pooh & Friends Super Soft Fleece Blanket

A great deal, for a limited time only purchase this Winnie the Pooh and Friends super soft fleece blanket for half price! Whether it is a present to yourself or someone else, this fleece blanket is a great purchase! You will look forward to come home after a hard day of work/school and simply snuggle in it. Perfect for young children like adults. Warm and extremely comfortable, it measures approximatively 50″ by 60″, is made of 100% polyester and machine washable.

For more information, visit now!

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Crayola Pastel Butterfly Comforter

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:28

Crayola Butterfly Pastel Comforter

Bright patchwork comforter featuring multiple shaped and colored butterflies. If your daughter’s bedroom theme is butterfly, you and your daughter will adore this Crayola Paster Butterfly Comforter. It will fit in beautifully in the theme, as the colors are not too bold. A perfect match if the walls have a light paint coating (pastel blue/green/purple/yellow). Add some fun accessories on the wall to complete the theme and voila. There is no matching bedskirt, but any light color bedskirt from previous comforter sets will match just perfectly! A reminder, this comforter was not intended to warm you up on a very cold winter night, and a few extra sheets may be needed for colder days. But overall, this butterfly comforter Crayola Pastel will make the joy of your little one and bring a smile on your face every day.


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Butterfly Comforter Set

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:27

Pink Butterfly Comforter Bedding Set Twin 10 Pcs

Black Pink Butterfly Comforter Bedding Set Full/Queen 10 Pcs

This black and pink Butterfly Complete Bedding 10 Pieces Set will be the highlight of any teen girl.  Not only it is funky, but the bright colors will put some humph and a touch of personality to their boring bedroom. The colors are vivid and the design is awesome. Plus everything is already coordinated for you! The bed set is easily washing (machine washable). The complete bedding set includes 1 Comforter Double Sided 2 Shams 1 Flat Sheet 1 Fitted Sheet 2 Pillowcases 1 Bedskirt 2 Decorative Cushions. The bedding is 50% cotton & 50% polyester rich for superior comfort.


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Winnie the Pooh crib bedding

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:26

1.Disney Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set Delightful Day

Disney Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set Delightful Day

This Disney Winnie the Pooh crib bedding  – Delightful Day is a wonderful 4 piece crib set. Full of charm and whimsy, this crib bedding features our favorite bear Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eyesore and Tiger. This crib set comes in beautiful shades of pinks and you will love the details of the appliqué and embroidery. The crib set includes a baby comforter, a 4-sided bumper, a fitted crib sheet and a dust ruffle. The Delightful Day set is part of the Delightful Day collection from Disney and you will find coordinated accessories to complement the set.

To learn more about Disney Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set Delightful Day

2. Lazy Day Pooh 4 Piece Crib Set

Lazy Day Pooh 4 Piece Crib Set
Looking for the perfect Winnie the Pooh crib bedding ? The Lazy Day Winnie the Pooh crib bedding may be just what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a more neutral color theme, this crib bedding set is just perfect. Whether your are decorating your little one bedroom or are looking for a baby shower gift, you will love this set, that suit both boys and girls. Parents will love the nice and plump crib bumpers and all the soft and happy colors that will keep your baby and kids entertained and impress your guests. This Winnie the Pooh crib bedding uses nice calming pastel colors instead of the too bold and bright colors from the Regular Pooh. If you are looking into more accessories, pink, blue, green and white accessories will nicely complement the crib bedding. The Lazy Day Pooh 4 piece crib set is a highly recommended product that you will love for both the quality and its more than reasonable price…

Included are a comforter, a bumper, a sheet and a dust ruffle.

Visit Amazon to find more Lazy Day Pooh 4 Piece Crib Set for reviews and other information.

3. Patchwork Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Patchwork Pooh 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

The characters of Winnie The Pooh come together in this subtle, sweet gingham collection. Patchwork patterns are a classic look for either your little boy or girl.

If you are looking for a fun and elegant pattern, this Pooh nursery will win your heart. This Winnie the Pooh crib bedding is a much classier set than most of the other Pooh crib bedding, and the colors are simply wonderful!  The features colors are mainly yellow, green and cream shades, with some touch of blue, red and white accents.  This baby bedding will make it easy to accessorize the bedroom for a good match.

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Lazy Day Pooh 4 Piece Crib Set

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Tinkerbell toddler bedding

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:16

Disney Tinkerbell Neverland - Fairies Twin Comforter Bed SetDisney Tinkerbell Neverland – Fairies Twin Comforter Bed Set

Tinkerbell, especially known from the Peter Pan movie from Disney is the favorite of many little girls. Little girl just love her, because pretty and has such an great personality, even if she doesn’t talk. If your daughter is her number 1 fank, she might just love this new twin size Disney Tinkerbell toddler bedding. The colors are vivid and features Tinkerbell over a bright purple that will illuminate the room and bring a smile on every face, even adults! The Disney Tinkerbell toddler bedding is made of printed poly and cotton fabric and can be machine washed, tumbled dry and ironed at low temperature. But make sure to wash it with warm or cold water to preserve the vivid colors as long as possible! The filling in the comforter is made of 100% Polyester. This Tinkerbell toddler bedding by Disney will sure make an amazing present, whether it is for the upcoming holidays or for a birthday present. Parents, grandparents and friends find the comforter beautifully exquisite… and the kids just fall in love with the comforter. The bedding set include the comforter, a fitted sheet and a pillow case.  The comforter will certainly become the centerpiece of the bedroom, make your daughter happy and her room will simply look exquisite. Genuine item from the Disney collection, the package is marked as Disney Fairies Forever Neverland comforter set.

So, this set includes : One comforter which is 63 x 86 inches, one fitted sheet which measures 39 x 75 inches and one pillow case that measures 20 x 30 inches. If you are purchasing for the holidays, make sure to get your Tinkerbell toddler bedding soon. This bed set is a popular Christmas present and can go out of stock at any moment! Good quality item at a bargain price, why look further more?

Care instructions : Make sure to wash in warm water with similar colors. Do not bleach, ever! You can tumble dry at medium heat and make sure to remove promptly from the dryer, to preserve the colors.

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Sesame Street Twin Bed Set

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 22:55

sesame street construction bedding

Twin Bed Set – comforter, pillow case, sheets

With the wonderful bright colorful pattern of this  Sesame Street Construction twin bed set, your little one will be sent off to dreams in no time !  A great 4-piece set that includes the quilt, the regular size pillow case, the fitted top sheet and fitted bottom sheet. The bed set is made 55% cotton and 45% polyester, therefore easy to wash in the washing machine and can be tumbled dry.  This bedding set is part of the Sesame Street collection and will sure make the room bright and make your little one smile. A perfect present if your child or grandchild loves Big Bird Cookie Monster and Elmo.

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Olive Kids Dinosaurland Sheet Set

Thursday, 15. October 2009 21:48

Olive Kids Dinosaurland ComforterThe Olive Kids Dinosaurland Sheet Set

If you think the picture looks cute… Wait until you get the actual comforter. Many parents said it : the picture does not give this magnificent dinosaur comforter justice. The Olive Kids Dinosaur comforter is colorful, has bright colors, is fun and full of dinosaurs. PLUS, the shams have some fluffy fur on the dinosaurs, giving additional texture and a nice accent to the whole bedding. This dinosaur comforter comes in Twin or Full/Queen size.

Olive Kids believes that kids are creative, imaginative fun seekers. Olive Kids Dinosaurland offer parents and their kids designs to encourage their inventiveness. With a dinosaur comforter from Olive Kids, your child will sure not need a TV or a movie to stimulate their imagination. The classic kids designs on those great products are sufficient to bring your child to the world of dinosaurs, or Dinosaurland! Olive Kids provides unique style on the highest quality kids bedding available. High quality includes attention to detail such as delicate embroidery, additional textural fabrics (soft plush, satin, etc), and outline stitching around all the icons.


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