Disney Princess Comforter Set

Disney Princess Comforter Sets are a classic among girl bedding sets. Disney has 8 main princesses. Each of them have their own design of Disney Princess Comforter Set. The eight main princesses are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan.


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Disney Princesses


Snow White

Snow White Disney Princess comforter set – From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White kids comforter sets are colorful. The red, blue, white and yellow dress of that famous princess will bring joy to your little girl.



Cinderella Disney Princess comforter set – Cinderella is probably the most famous Disney Princess and the favorite princess of many girls. Cinderella seen on a kids comforter set usually wears that gorgeous pale blue gown and those iconic glass slippers that she wears to meet her prince Charming, at the ball.



Aurora Disney Princess comforter set – Main character of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora is a beauty. Shy, kind and gentle, Aurora is a lovely Disney princess character. The official dress color of the this Disney beauty is pink, which will make the joy of many girls!



Ariel Disney Princess comforter set – «Under the sea we off the hook, We got no troubles, Life is the bubbles, Under the sea, Under the sea, Since life is sweet here, We got the beat here». Ariel the little mermaid and this kids comforter set, will bring lots of joyful melody in your daughter’s bedroom. With her long flowing red hair, her blue eyes, her green tail and purple seashell top, Ariel is a princess full of energy and charm.



Belle Disney Princess comforter set – Princess from the Beauty and the Beast, Belle depicts a humble girl who find love in the Beast, who turns out to be a man who was cursed to live in the body of a beast. Belle is usually seen wearing a yellow ball gown on bedding sets.



Jasmine Disney Princess comforter set – Aladdin’s princess is certainly a big favorite. Her dark brown eyes and her black hair contrast the bright blue outfit and this kids comforter set will put some magic in your daughter’s bedroom.



Pocahontas Princess comforter comforter set – Pocahontas is a princess m based on a real historical figure. She is noble, free-spirited and a highly-spiritual young woman. She expresses a lot of wisdom and offers kindness and guidance to people around her.



Mulan Disney Princess comforter set – Mulan is the atypical princess. She is brave and does not focus on marriage. She does not fit the “princess” stereotype. Mulan is strong, determined and intelligent. A real role model for every little girl.

If you can’t choose between all the Disney Princess Comforter Sets, simple choose the special 8 Disney Princesses edition! This Disney Princess comforter set show all the famous princesses together, and will allow your little girl to have all her favorite heroines with her!

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