Choosing your kids comforter set

Choose a kids comforter set that
1) will keep your child hot during cold night, but that will also absorb moisture if your kid sweats.
2) is not allergenic, especially if you child has known allergies
3) that will survive frequent washing and keep its shape and softness over time
4) respond to all safety standards
5) that you child will like

The style

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a fastidious job with all the options of kids comforter sets available. Every day, new designs of kids comforter sets make their way onto the shelves of the market. Every parent want to make their child bedroom a comfortable place for them to sleep, but also a place that they will look forward to go to every night.

Designing and Decorating your child’s bedrom

You probably know what your child likes: dinosaurs, butterflies, Hannah Montana, Spiderman, firetrucks, little poneys, barbies… Kids interests are unlimited, so are the choices in kids comforter sets (or almost), However, try to include your child the design of his or her bedroom as much as possible. Young or old, kids have their own taste and it is important to allow your child’s personality grow by allowing him or her to give an opinion about something that will matter to them : the look of their very own bedroom. So invite your child in helping you choose their very own kids comforter set. There are several different styles in kids comforter set design. Let’s see what they are.

Classic, modern and themes, these are the options.

First, the classic look. A classic kids comforter set consist of a bedding set that will come with some pastel colors or softer colors. Normally, a traditional kids comforter set will have a nice pattern, such as floral, squares, quilts, stars, paisley, etc.

Second the modern look. A moder kids comforter set consist of a bedding that will have very structured designs. Those kids comforter sets will usually have sharp and clean lines, strong stripes or squares patterns and usually come in primary and vivid colors. Using a kids comforter set with a modern look will give your child’s bedroom a clean and uncluttered look.

Third, the look by themes. The favorite of many children! Many little boys and girls like to have their bedroom decorate with a kids comforter set that will have pictures and drawings of their favorite cartoon character (such as Spiderman), children idols (such as Hannah Montana), their favorite toy (such as Barbie and Ken), their favorite tv show (such as Pokemon), their favorite sport (such as soccer, football, hockey), etc. Your child (and yourself!) may even add some matching furniture, curtains or posters to enhance the theme of the bedroom.

If your child seems undetermined on what design to choose, simply show him or her a few pictures of the kids comforter sets available here. It won’t take long before your child decide what kids comforter set he or she wants.

Before decorating the whole bedroom, it is always a good idea to start by choosing the kids comforter set. Indeed, it is a lot easier to match accessories with a kids comforter set than to match the kids comforter set with a fully decorated bedroom. .

Themed Bedding and Kids comforter set

Kids comforter sets come in many different themes. From the classics from Walt Disney (101 Dalmatians, Aladdin etc) to the more recent tv shows on TV to everyday life themes, you will find something that will suit your kids taste. Whether your child loves Jasmine and Aladdin, the Transformers, is dreaming of becoming an astronaut, loves horses, the choice is all yours! Try to keep bright and friendly colors. Try to avoid an all black or an all red theme, as it can make the bedroom look very dark.

Themes kids comforters set can however be a little more expensive than the classic or the modern kids comforter sets. Your little girl wishes to have a Cinderella theme in her bedroom but you are on a tight budget? Simply buy her a classic kids comforter set with colors that would match a Cinderalla theme and decorate the walls with posters, put up a few toys on her dresser. The advantage of buying a more neutral kids comforter set is that you will be able to redecorate the room and reuse the old kids comforter set, when your child will have outgrown the theme.

When creating a theme, don’t over do it! Use some more neutral decorations in the bedroom, as a theme bedroom can easily look cluttered.

If you are trying to design your own bedding rather than buy the full kids comforter set, look for all the pieces separately. You will need a comforter, sheets, pillows, you need; sheets, pillows, comforters and dust ruffles in coordinating fabrics. Designing the kids comforter set with your child will allow your child to develop his or her creativity. If you are designing your own set, make sure to coordinate patterns or plaid with solid colors. Mixing to many patters and plaids might end up looking messy.

The sheets

Choose a soft material, as your child will sleep better on it. If possible choose the highest thread-count cotton fabric as possible for your kids comforter set sheets, as they are softer, therefore more comfortable to sleep on. Do not choose expensive and fragile material (such as silk), but rather go for the durable material such as cotton as children can wet their bed or be messy.

The comforter

While the duvet comforter might be easier for your child to use (make their bed in the morning), a quilt will usually be easier to wash. The size of the bed is very important when choosing your kids comfort sets. We recommend that you choose a specific size of quilt that will go about 40 cm or 16 in beyond the contours of the bed. For example, if the bed measures 160x200cm or 63×78.7in, choose a comforter that measures 220x240cm or 86.6×94.5in. By choosing a bigger comforter, you will ensure that your child will be able to use his or blanket a few years down the road.

In the end

A bedroom nicely decorated will make your child happy and will make going to bed easier, especially for younger children who like to stay up with mom or dad. Try to choose the kids comforter set in function of your child’s interests and taste. Choose the kids comforter set first, their decorate the rest of the bedroom after. Choose the right size of bedding and try to choose soft kids comforter set material for a better sleep.

NOTE FOR BABIES: It is not recommended to use a kids comforter set, a pillow or a stuffed toy for kids under the age of 2. For babies and toddlers less than 2 years old, instead of using a kids comforter set, provide them with a lightweight blanket, crocheted or knitted in light baby yarn.

Find your perfect Kids Comforter Set here!

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