Dinosaur Comforter Set : Olive Kids Dinosaurland for Toddlers

Olive Kids Dinosaurland Toddler Comforter Bed Set
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This amazing Dinosaur Comforter Set will bring your child to the land of dinosaurs! This Olive Kids dinosaur comforter set is perfect for the creative and imaginative kid. This kids comforter set will offer parents and their children a design to open their imagination. You won’t need a TV or movie character to bribe your child to bed, just this great classic kids design! Olive Kids provides  a unique style with the highest quality kids bed set available. This dinosaur comforter set is detailed with delicate embroidery, and some added textural fabrics like soft plush and satin, and outline stitching around the icons.


Date: Saturday, 12. September 2009 16:28
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