Curious George Bedding

If you are the parent of a young kid, chances are that you know who Curious George is. This fun monkey has won the heard of many children throughout the world. Curious George is the hero of a series of book with the same name, written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey.

The adventures of this Curious monkey have been translated and adapted to TV in many languages. Denmark, Norway, Japan and Israel are only a few of the few countries where you can find an adapted version of Curious George. In 2006, Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment brought Curious George, the original ‘monkey see, monkey do’ chimp, to the screen in an animated movie.

Kids just love Curious George. If you are looking for Curious George bedding, you will find lots of great products online and in-store.

However, a Curious George bedding set is not always cheap. If you want to stick to your idea and find a different alternative to decorate your children’s room, instead of a full Curious George bedding, you can keep the same theme and complete the décor with some posters and other collectible toys.

Curious George toy
Russ Berrie Curious George with Red Shirt 16
is a great addition to a Curious George bedding set. Considered one of the most adorable monkey, this Curious George will simply meet and even exceed your expectations. This perfect toy has cute expressions, is soft and plush. Plus it is just the right size for any toddler to carry around. Russ Berrie toys are among the most popular plush toys in the world.

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Date: Wednesday, 31. March 2010 15:51
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