Olive Kids Dinosaurland Plush Pillow

Olive Kids Dinosaurland Plush Pillow
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The ultimate dinosaur pillow for your child. Your kids will just love this fun pillow! This plush decorative dinosaur pillow will bring some color in your kids’ bedroom.  The Dinosaurland pillow is a great complement to the rest of the Dinosaurland collection, or can simply stand on its own and make a beautiful item by itself to enhance the rest of your child’s bedroom décor. The pillow comes in vivid colors and the dinosaurs are contoured which give an extra level of depth and make it even more fun. For more versatily, the pillow reveres on a solid color side. The Dinosaurland plush pillow is made of polyester and easy to clean.

Olive Kids believes that kids are creative, imaginative fun seekers. We offer parents and their kids designs to foster their imagination. No TV or movie characters, just classic kids designs on great products! Olive Kids provides unique style A very nice compliment to the rest of the set!


Date: Thursday, 15. October 2009 21:42
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