Crayola Pastel Butterfly Comforter

Crayola Butterfly Pastel Comforter

Bright patchwork comforter featuring multiple shaped and colored butterflies. If your daughter’s bedroom theme is butterfly, you and your daughter will adore this Crayola Paster Butterfly Comforter. It will fit in beautifully in the theme, as the colors are not too bold. A perfect match if the walls have a light paint coating (pastel blue/green/purple/yellow). Add some fun accessories on the wall to complete the theme and voila. There is no matching bedskirt, but any light color bedskirt from previous comforter sets will match just perfectly! A reminder, this comforter was not intended to warm you up on a very cold winter night, and a few extra sheets may be needed for colder days. But overall, this butterfly comforter Crayola Pastel will make the joy of your little one and bring a smile on your face every day.


Date: Tuesday, 27. October 2009 23:28
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