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How to create a Star Wars bedroom

Friday, 2. April 2010 1:09

If you have boys at home, chances are that Star Wars is a recurrent topic at home. This very popular science fiction movie has thousands of merchandise, including DVDs, video games, Halloween costumes, glowing light sabers,  Lego, robots for kids and Star Wars bedding.  Star Wars was has had a huge impact on our culture, and it is with no surprise boys are so fascinated with the movies and the toys.

Star Wars is a great theme to decorate a bedroom. To create a Star Wars bedroom, you have many options in terms of products. If you are looking to create a Star Wars bedroom, here are some tips for you.

Star Wars Darth Vader Luke Skywalker lightsaber duelRemember that in the movies, the space is black, sprinkled with white stars. The spaceships have an off-white and metal grey color. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the stormtroopers wear white, while Darth Vader is dressed in black. In Star Wars, everything is stark, with very little colors, except for when the lightsabers are firing and clashing, when the spaceships are exploding. When you think Star Wars, you think contrast, some bright glowing colors on a dark background, something mysterious and adventurous.

Decorations for the walls
Star Wars Trilogy Entertainment Poster Print, 24x36There are tons of decoration for the wall, from movie posters to Peel & Stick appliques. If you are purchasing a poster, frame it to protect it from the humidity and air. There are a lot of spectacular Star Wars posters, with amazing colors and art. Choose your poster carefully as they represent a reminder of the greatness delivered by the movie. Peel & Stick appliques are another great option to decorate the walls of a Star Wars bedroom. The great advantage is that they can be repositioned, reusable and can be removed in seconds.

Decorations for the bed
Star Wars Saga ComfortersA great way to decorate a Star Wars bedroom is to add a kids comforter set themed with this popular movie. There are many designs of comforter sets/bedding available. From the original Star Wars comforters to the newer Star Wars Clone Wars comforters, you will find a wide range of comforter and bedding to your kids taste. A good looking comforter will not only stand out on its out, but chances are that there will be no more fuss about bedtime since your little one will love to climb in bed and be tucked in under his favorite characters every night.

Toys and Robots
Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter with mini figuresAdd replicas of the starships, find some action figures to decorate the bedroom. Remember that a child can be tough on their toys, therefore you may not want to buy a collectible but rather go with something less pricey and more sturdy, allowing the rougher hands of a child to handle it. Lego have some of the best Star Wars bedroom toys. And you can never go wrong with a the X-Wings such as the “Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter with Luke Skywalker , Wedge Antiles , R2-D2 , Princess Leia , Han Solo and Chewbacca Mini Figures“. This Lego set is another excellent rendition of one of the Star Wars universe’s best ships. But Lego features most of your kids favorite Star Wars ships and characters. Plush toys and collectible action figures for older children are also excellent decoration ideas for a Star Wars bedroom.

Keep it simple
Remember that is some cases, too much is just as bad as not enough. Try to not overload the bedroom with toys and posters. Too much decoration can make a bedroom look messy, and by keeping it simple, you’ll have a much cleaner looking bedroom. “May the force be with you”

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